Do Men Like Fat Women?

Do Men Like Fat Women, Find Out Why?

do men like fat women




If your a bigger, curvier lady, and you just want to know if any men out there actually are interested in you, you are certainly not alone. There are men out there who genuinely do prefer bigger girls over skinnier ones. You just have to understand what guys will understand you better, if you go after the wrong guys, chances are you aren’t going to get optimal results either.

The most attractive quality a man looks for in a woman is sexiness and confidence. The two really go hand in hand. If you believe you are sexy, you have confidence. If you have confidence, men are more likely to find you sexy.

Most younger, more self absorbed guys will not like fatter women. They won’t find you all that attractive, and really, it makes sense. If they are conscious about their body, work out constantly, watch what they eat, etc., it means they care about their appearance, so they probably will care about their partners’ appearance too.

Also, when you are wanting to go for a guy, pay attention to whom he surrounds himself with. If he surrounds himself with cockier, rude, self absorbed people, even if he’s nice to you, that says something about his character. Of course, he could still be interested in you, just as a general statement, pay attention to his friends.

Also, if you are dating a man, it isn’t fair to expect him to have perfectly chiseled abs, unless you are working towards that yourself. Be fair to him. If he finds you attractive as you are, you really should find him attractive the way he is.

Of course, some men prefer bigger women, while some don’t. Even mature men will have their preferences. Some men simply do find curvier women more attractive. They say they like the feel of them in bed. While some other men just like the skinnier girls. It is honestly all personal preference as far as what they like in a woman. Some men are really open minded to all women. To impress these fellows, confidence is key. If you walk into a room like you own the place, whether you are bigger or skinnier, people will look at you. If you have a low self esteem, many men find that as a big turnoff. They want to tell you your beautiful without you having to contradict them every five seconds about how your not. That doesn’t mean you need to be cocky though.

Generally, more mature men will be the ones to go for. They have lived long enough to know that looks aren’t everything. Most bigger girls actually have the best personalities. If you have a good attitude and are a positive person, many men will appreciate that. They will like you more (even if they are more attracted skinny girls) than a skinnier girl who is vain, self absorbed, and cold. No one wants to be around someone who complains all day. Men like a woman who acts like she can handle anything and everything.

Difference Between Being Curvey and Obese

There is a difference, from being curvy and downright obese, women who often wonder   do men like fat women are often confused by this. If you are actually very obese, even if some men do find you attractive, if would probably be best for your health to get rid of some weight. You don’t have to become a size 0, that’s unrealistic, you would just like to be at a healthier weight. The fitter you are, the less likely to get certain diseases and conditions, a heart attack especially. If you are simply curvy or a few pounds overweight, don’t worry. You are fine.

If you are a fatter woman who is only attracted to younger, hotter, and fitter guys, you may be setting your sites a little too high. Younger men who are more hormone driven, may not see through your body. They may only see an overweight girl, without paying any attention to the person that’s underneath it all. While they may date you and be nice, they may cut offensive jokes at you about your body. And no one deserves to feel insecure in a relationship like that.

So basically, some more mature men do like bigger women. But lots of younger men prefer fitter and skinnier girls. Their opinions may change as they age, but most younger men would rather have a skinnier girl in bed. It’s a personal choice. Believe it or not, the main thing men look for in a long time partner is a nice face. So your body may not be the focal point of many mens’ attention. But if you want any man to be attracted to you, have confidence. Confidence is attractive to everyone. So, show that off, and you will have a partner soon enough. So do men like fat women? The short answer to that is in most cases no. An overwhelming majority of men wish to be with tall and slim women. No guy worth his salt would like to be seen with an obese date. We are sorry if some people are offended at this, but this is true.

Men don’t like to be around fat women. Even fat men wouldn’t want to be around fat women given a choice. So, do men like women – definitely not. That’s why, if you’re an overweight woman, you should work hard on your fitness, get rid of the unwanted flab around the midriff region, go on a healthy diet plan and do what you can transform the way you look.

Funnily enough, while the answer to the question, do men like fat women, is very much negative, there are great advantages to have had if a guy dates a plus sized woman. We don’t mean to be offensive here, and what we say is completely in jest. But let’s have a look at some of the benefits of dating a fat woman!

# Men love gals who have a bit of flesh on them, are not just bones, and fat women have a LOT of flesh on them! Well, this is true, just as men hate dating fat women, they wouldn’t want to date an anorexic chick either. When you date a fat woman, when you have sex with her, at least you wouldn’t feel as though you are having sex with a skeleton – as you would if you date an anorexic woman.

# A fat woman isn’t likely to be a Food Fascist. Well, you may have heard of the term “Food Fascist” or “Food Police” – it refers to highly fitness conscious women who watch every calorie they eat – and you eat – and nag you about it. No guy would want to be with a Food Fascist no matter how attractive she is. A fat woman wouldn’t be so conscious about what she eats or what her date eats.

# A fat woman won’t be too conscious of her looks. You have probably dated beautiful women who spend hours on makeup. It might seem that they are in a relationship with you, but in reality, they are in love with themselves and find it hard to stay away from the mirror 5 minutes at a stretch. A fat woman is likely to be very cool and not so obsessed with her looks. Well, let’s face it, had she been so crazy about her looks she wouldn’t have been fat in the first place! (Okay – we are going too far, we know, but we warned about it, didn’t we!)

# You won’t have to worry about losing your girlfriend if she is fat. Here’s the problem with pretty girls with great bodies- every guy wants them. If you don’t measure up in one way or another, if they ever get bored of you, they will have no trouble ditching you and finding somebody else. You are always on the guard when you date a tall and slim woman, because you that there is always a strong competition among guys for such women. It’s so easy to get your heart broken by a thin woman. But when you date a fat woman, you are safe, and won’t have to worry about losing her as let’s face it, nobody really would want her!

Well, clearly, there are several advantages of being in a relationship with fat women. Do men like fat women? No. But is it actually easier to date a fat woman than one who is tall, slim and sexy – yes, we certainly do.


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