How To Lose Arm Fat – To Gain Fast Muscle.

How To Lose Arm Fat By Changing Your Diet!


how to lose arm fat fast for women




How to Lose Arm Fat – Breaking Down The Fundamentals!

In this day and age of instant gratification and fad diets promising to help us lose 15 pounds a week, tightening up those last few areas can be quite disheartening. Today we are going to discuss how to lose arm fat. Quite often the back of our arms are forgotten as we hit the treadmill or do our 20 minute insane workout. Then comes the day when we go to try on our favorite sleeveless dress. The horror sinks in. Looking in the mirror we see a “batwing” looking back. Let’s figure out how to lose the fat and recoup the shapely arms that used to fill this dress out.

Healthy lifestyle:

Our bodies store fat as a layer through-out the body, and as such, it must be lost in the same fashion. A healthy meal and snack plan is the first step. Don’t refer to it as your diet, but think of this as your lifestyle. A diet is temporary and comes and goes. Lifestyle changes become permanent and easier to stick with the longer we do them. Eating the right kind of foods is crucial. Proper servings of lean proteins and vegetables are a must. Take some time to plan out a weeks worth of food, meals and light snacks if necessary. Planning healthy snacks keeps us from hitting the convenience store for more empty carbs. There are smartphone apps such as my fitness planner that will help with this. These apps can help count calories and plan meals. Online, any number of websites are dedicated to free recipes for any kind of health plan. Whichever way you choose, stick to it as eating is the number one step to any fitness routine.

How To Lose Arm Fat Exercises:

A good cardio program is vital. For some, a gym membership is the only way to go. For others, a membership is purchased on January 1st, and by February 1st we have forgotten where the gym is even located. If you can go to the gym three times a week, then this will be easy. For the rest of us, it can get more difficult. Throughout the day, do little things to increase your activity. Use stairs instead of elevators or escalators. Park away from the door at the supermarket. If you work at a desk, stand for an hour or two a day instead of sitting the whole time. Each one by itself is small, but together, they add up. Even with the added activities, a designated workout time is crucial. You can use a dvd, a virtual health coach, or a smartphone app to keep you moving. Just be sure whichever you choose, it is cardio heavy to get your heart rate up and maximize your fat burning potential. Time is a limited resource for most of us. If necessary, 20 minutes before anyone else gets up is enough time to jump start your day. The point is, your health needs a priority number put on it too.

Pre and Post Workout:

Remember to stretch before working out to reduce the chance of injury. Even if your workout does not seem heavy, a pulled or cramping muscle can be debilitating. After your workout, a slow cool down period is better than just stopping. It is also a good idea to use a post-workout smoothie. During a workout, receptors on our muscles open up and stay that way for a little less than 30 minutes. The smoothie gives your body a chance to put in extra vitamins while your muscles are most ready to receive them.


Eight glasses of water a day is minimum (twelve is recommended). A modern lifestyle floods our bodies with toxins, and water helps flush them out. Drinking this much water also keeps us away from the evil soda machine (another devil’s creation designed to derail our health plan).

Now that we have a foundation to build on, let’s work on our arms and making the most of that little black dress.

Triceps Dips:

If the back of your arms are the main concern (as it is with most of us), this is the most important arm exercise you can do. We will describe these using a kitchen chair; however, you can use the edge of your bed, the couch, bathtub, anything with on edge. Sit on the edge of the chair with your arms at your side and feet straight in front of you. Place your palms on the edge of the chair with your fingers off the edge. Your heels should be on the floor in front of you, and your legs straight . Scoot yourself forward to the point you are no longer sitting on the chair. Dip your body by bending your elbows, then raise back up. Only do as many as you can without falling. Even if you have to start with just one or two and build your way into them. Once you are doing multiple sets of ten, try putting your feet up on a medicine ball or stool to increase the challenge.


These seem “old school” but are very effective, especially for those of us doing home workouts. If the traditional method is too hard at first, set your knees on the ground and cheat. They will get easier over time and the point is to get started. While doing them, try different hand placements. Your hands slightly further apart than shoulder width works different muscle groups than your hands closer together. Try alternating sets to make sure to work all muscles.


If you can get some light weight dumbbells, curls do wonders to keep our biceps trimmed and toned to match our developing triceps. If you are looking for tone and not size, use a smaller dumbbell (3-5 pounds) to start with. A standard curl has you standing with your arms down and palms out while lifting the weights by bending your elbows. A reverse curl has you turn your palms in and make the same lift. The reverse curl works your forearms more. Be careful not to overwork your forearms and create the popeye effect.


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Along with clearing your mind, Yoga can be a great fitness tool. If you are too busy for a studio, dvds and online resources are available as coaches.

Remember to take breaks. Jumping in to a daily exercise routine might be too much. Try three days a week with breaks in-between. The same for your new eating plan. Plan 1-2 “cheat” meals a week where nothing is off limits. Reward yourself for being good, just plan the rewards so they don’t derail the whole system.

You CAN Do This!

The last tool you need for losing arm fat and shaping those arms up is a dose of self confidence. It can seem like an impossible and daunting task, so break it up into smaller, attainable goals. Remember if you waver from the program you start, it is important to get back on track. We all waver- it is part of being human. There will be bumps in the road and it is work, but think of how that sleeveless dress will look when you reach your goals.

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