How to Lose Leg Fat In Days

prasouda dietHow to Lose Leg Fat Very Easy

Many people dream of a fit and healthy body with great thighs and legs. However, the question is how to get thinner thighs and legs. The best way to get those lovely legs is to combine eating in moderation and moving more. Here are some methods to achieve well sculpted legs.


Start with a healthy daily diet to lower your body fat percentage before you work on your thighs. In today’s society, sugar laden diets and highly processed foods, are the main causes of fat thighs. To start your war on the flab, try not to take foods high in refined sugar and just  plain old junk food. Learn to replace the junk food with better options. You can introduce fruits, whole grains and vegetables into the daily diet.

Food laden with fats and transfats are the types of food to avoid, as it cause weight gain in all areas. You can use good fats to counter the bad ones. Have an intake of food that are rich in Omega 3 and monounsaturated fats, these include avocados, soybeans, walnuts and salmon. In addition, taking in foods with vitamin C like kiwi and oranges can help to reduce the cellulite. Vitamin C can help to balance their hormones that are usually released when you are stressed out. Being stressed will cause people to put on weight. Intake of Vitamin C can help your body to turn fat into fuel.


A rotation of short bursts of maximum exercises followed by abbreviated rest, can achieve greater fat burning results compared to normal workouts. All you need to do is to pick a cardio activity and push yourself to the limits for twenty seconds. Rest for ten seconds and repeat seven more times. Doing this for four minutes can be even more effective than an hour of normal workouts. These are some of the high intensity exercises that you can perform to meet your goal on how to lose your leg fat.

High intensity exercises must be done to achieve thinner legs. Exercise on a treadmill and set it at various speed levels from brisk walk to a slow but steady run. It is an intense exercise that can help you achieve your goal. Alternate between the two paces of walking and running. Doing this can help train your legs. Set the incline at around 1.5 or 2.0. You may choose to listen to music to do this cardio exercise in a more natural and relaxing way. If you do not have access to the treadmill machine, you can walk up and down the stairs to work on your legs within the same time frame.

You can also do circuit workouts to lose leg fat effectively and fast. Circuit workouts can bring you to your maximum heart rate as well as physical effort. It is one of the best ways to make a strength and resistance training workout that is challenging for your lungs and heart. For example, you can perform four exercises for twenty seconds each and repeat the cycle three times. For maximum results, choose exercises like crunches, push ups, squats and calf raises. Remember to take a ten seconds break in between.

If you prefer the outdoors, head outside for a walk and run instead of spending half an hours in the sweaty gym. Changing the setting of your exercise venue can make your workout more interesting. Just like the treadmill exercise, alternate between walking and slow jog. This is so that you can slim down the fats around the thighs area faster. In between, you can speed walk or sprint for around thirty seconds. Repeat the same cycle for thirty minutes. This can help you to increase your endurance very quickly and you can see your thin thighs in no time if you do this consistently.

The elliptical workout make a very good cardio workout when working on your legs. As your lower part of the body move along with the machine, you get an excellent thigh and leg workout. Implement an interval workout and aim for two minutes of a 5-6/10 intensity then another minute of exertion rate of 8-9/10.

To win the flab battle, combine these high intensity workouts with a healthy diet and you will be well on your way to lovely legs.

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