How to Lose Leg Fat In Days

how to lose leg fat





 13 Killer Ways How To Lose Leg Fat!

Whether you’re interested in learning to lose leg fat for aesthetic reasons, or for health purposes this list is for you. Your legs are essential to getting you to where you need to be but unfortunately they often end up neglected in typical workout regimes. Not all physical activity is created equally and this list will help you pin point which exercises will optimize fat loss in your legs. You have probably heard of people complaining about their “leg day” at the gym, have no fear, that is not the sole route to success! Building muscle and cutting calories are crucial aspects of how to lose leg fat, however it is completely within reason for you to enjoy the process!

1) Buy Comfortable Shoes:

This might sound like a no brainier to some however many people wear uncomfortable shoes to work simply because they suit their fashion needs and not their physical or health needs. Either leave your high heels/tight leather shoes at home or at least have a pair of comfortable shoes in your car or office in case the opportunity to walk a fair bit of distance arises. The more you move your legs the better! Being sedentary will not help you reach your goal

2) Take the Stairs:

When you start your journey to lose leg fat then one of the first steps should be boycotting all ramps, escalators and elevators. Always take the stairs so that you can lose fat and in turn gain muscle. If you aren’t accustomed to taking the stairs this might take some getting used to. After a few weeks of taking the stairs it will stop feeling like such a chore and you will begin to notice a difference

3) Take a Before Picture:

Once you have made up your mind to lose leg fat  you should (or have someone else) take a photo of your legs in the initial stage of the process. This will be a great way to help you see the progress you’re making and act as a motivator to continue.

4) Download a Calorie Counting App:

Like every other area of the body losing fat  can be dependent on decreasing your calories. Checkout some different calorie counting apps online (there are quite a few easy to use and free ones out there) and begin logging your daily calorie intake. Once you start to monitor your calorie intake you will begin to make healthier decisions which will help lose fat in your legs. If you’re not technologically savvy and would still like to benefit from this then buy a journal and write down everything you eat in the day. Taking notes of what you eat on a daily basis will decrease the amount of calories you take in.

5) Cardio:

If you aren’t incorporating cardiovascular activities into your daily routine then now is the time to start! Cardio is a great way to burn fat and to build muscle. Before you begin cardio try doing some research on which types of cardio best suit your needs

6) Incorporate “Zero-Calorie” Foods Into your Diet:

“Zero-Calorie” foods are extremely low in calories and you burn almost as many calories eating them as you gain from them! Some of these foods even help boost metabolism and all are nutritious. Zero-calorie foods include, but are not limited to: celery, carrots, apples, cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries, peppers, etc. When attempting to lose leg fat it is important to familiarize yourself with healthy low calorie foods

7) Lean Meat:

When you’re looking to lose the fat in your legs a great way of doing this is to start increasing your intake of lean meats. The protein that lean meat contains will help burn fat. When your body is breaking down the proteins from the lean meat you’re eating it takes quite a few calories to do so which is perfect to help aid your fat loss and muscle gain in your legs

8) How To Lose Leg Fat By Drinking Plenty of Water:

Drinking water is an important aspect of losing fat. First of all it is vital to stay hydrated when you are partaking in physical activities. Another reason to drink water is that it will help you feel full for longer. Many studies show that people who don’t drink enough water will feel hungry and eat when in reality they are just thirsty and misinterpreting it. Remember when you drink water you’re also fueling your muscles so this is an important tip to follow

9) How to lose leg fat by doing squats & Lunges:

If you’re determined to tone the muscles in your legs and to lose leg fat then there are few better options than squat and lunges! These exercises target problem areas and will bare huge results if you stick with them. It’s important to remember that these exercises will be painful in the beginning however you will work through it and will quickly become comfortable with your new exercise routine

10) Yoga:

Yoga will help tone your legs and burn fat. If you’re not feeling up to cardio this is a great option for you

11) Kick Boxing:

Kick boxing will help you burn calories and give you an all over work out. If you enjoy an intense workout that allows you to burn stress and fat then try this as an aid to lose leg fat

12) Stand:

When looking to increase muscle and decrease fat in your legs you must take every opportunity possible to stand. When you’re at work routinely stand up if you’re doing a task that simply requires reading. Try making a new rule that every time you’re not driving and you receive a cell phone call you stand while talking. Small changes can make a big difference

13) Take your Vitamins:

Does your diet not get enough of a certain vitamin? You might not be getting everything you need to lose fat in your daily diet. Talk to a dietitian to see if there is a vitamin you should be taking or a certain food that you should be incorporating into your diet for over all physical health. Sometimes it takes another set of eyes on our daily routine to diagnose what’s wrong. When you have a balanced and healthy diet it will help you greatly with fat loss in your legs. To win the flab battle, combine these high intensity workouts with a healthy diet and you will be well on your way to lovely legs.

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